High 5 For Friday - DEC 07

FIRST FRIDAY OF the month! Hello, December.

1. A much needed post holiday party brunch at Red Wagon. Highly Recommend, definitely worth the wait (you will wait… outside… in the rain). But they have pulled pork as a side. A SIDE! That means you can add it to any plate. ARE YOU UNDERSTANDING THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS? It’s awesome. If I feel daring enough next time I’ll order the pulled pork pancakes – ya you heard me right. Okay I’ll stop.

2. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT IS EVERYWHERE! I love it. Tiff and I did some serious decking of the halls last weekend and we’re hosting a holiday open house next week. ‘Tis the season my friends… ‘Tis the season.

3. When your friend texts you at 5:45PM and asks if you want to go see The Killers concert in an hour, you say yes and you have the best impromptu Monday night ever.

4. My name is Allessia and I am addicted to the TV show revenge… *bows head in shame…

5. The best and worst thing to happen ever – a new sushi joint opened up a block from my apartment. I thought I ate a lot of sushi before and I had to put in effort to get it… I’m kind of concerned for my future well-being. And on that note… come on baby let the good times roll!

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