I've Moved!


HOLY MOLE!  Guess what!? I’ve moved!

No, not apartments –  I’ve just changed up where Little Lessy lives on the world wide web. You can now access my blog on it’s very own domain www.littlelessy.com which pretty much means that not only can you find my blog easier and faster than ever before, I can finally commit to creating business cards!

Now head on over to hit the freshly squeezed stuff – and don’t forget to bookmark the new address (you know you wanna!).


love is in the air

CONSIDERING THE AMOUNT of travelling I do, I’ve gotta say the odds are not in my favour. In the last year I have flown about 14 times. FOURTEEN TIMES. And you would think the universe or Cupid or whoever it is that is in charge of making people fall in love (I take no responsibility for being single) would see this as a romantic area of opportunity in my life and sit me beside a nice, cute, single boy. But no. Zip. Nil. None. Women. Old men. Married men. Babies. If my past is any indication of my future, I’ll sooner sit beside a 4-legged person then be serendipitously seated beside the world’s most eligible bachelor.

My recent trip to Alt was really playing into my odds. I had connecting flights going both ways so that meant four opportunities (five if you count the flight where I got stuck in a middle seat – bleh) for love to park itself right beside me.

Flight one was a dud. Flight two was a trip between LAX and SLC so naturally I was a batting my eyelashes more vigorously – I mean, it’s L freaking A  – the land of the gorgeous and Gosling. As I set myself up by my window seat, an easy-on-the-eyes boy got closer and closer and then plopped himself down beside me.

Be cool. Be cool. Be cool.

So of course I avoided eye contact.


Before I knew it the small window of time where it’s socially acceptable to bid a little nod of acknowledgment or share a ‘how do you do?’ exchange with your seat partner passed. So instead of spending the next 2 hours falling in love, I sat there silently willing him to wake up and look at me. (And yes, I had already done my research. No ring).

Just as the plane landed and we were gathering our belongings to disembark, I found the icebreaker. An Under-Armor sticker slapped over the logo on his computer. He was either working for the enemy or a die-hard waiting to be converted. Easy target. This was my world.

Now I wish I could tell you that this story is going in the happily-ever-after direction but it’s not so I’ll cut to the chase and spare you the anti-climatic details. We had a great conversation and we walked towards the baggage claim side by side continuing our small talk. He said a little “hang-on” as he dialed a number and started chatting with a coworker arranging his pick-up. As to not seem totally desperate I continued walking assuming he’d follow – didn’t he have to pick up his luggage too? Nope. So I walked right out of his life. And I never even got his name.

The end.

For the record flight 3 was an old man and a young girl and judging by the crowd sitting at the gate, flight 4 isn’t looking promising either. Come on Cupid – throw me a bone would yah?


Alt Summit - SLC - 2013 - Recap

AT ALT SUMMIT you aren’t judged for taking photos of every single thing (food, feet and selfies included). No, no one looks at you like you’re crazy because they’re too busy snapping the perfect shot of their own. Alt Summit is an Instagrammer‘s dream as surely you can see, every last detail is accounted for. I swear I could have attended this conference with earplugs in and still walked away totally inspired from the visual beauty of it all. I took advantage of the judgement-free zone and click, click, clicked my way through 300 photos documenting everything. And here you thought this round-up was a lot of photos – cutting it down to a somewhat appropriate number to share on here nearly killed me. I honestly don’t think there was anything I didn’t take a picture of  (hold it – I did refrain from snapping a stalker picture of Jessica Alba because for some reason that’s where I drew the line).

You can read all about the things I learned from attending the conference here and here – but now I want to share with you my top 10 moments from the summit – you know, the really fun stuff.

1. First and foremost a shout out to Patti, Laura and Sharon. The whole experience wouldn’t have been the same without these 3 new friends by my side.

2. The lavender hot chocolate in the Bing Lounge – thankfully (or not) I only discovered it on the second day so I wasn’t totally tempted by it for 72 hours. That said, I’m left with a crazy craving for it so I’ll probably have to figure out how to recreate it at home.

3. Chatting with Katie and Megan (the masterminds behind this). They are probably the coolest people I’ve ever met and totally celebrity status in my eyes.

4. The fact that the entire summit from the name tags to the dinners were designed with intention. The team managed to transform a hotel conference area into a Pinterest board. I’m coming home full of inspiration from simply that.

5. So much swag. So so so much swag. I’m particularly thankful to Miss Laurie from The Land Of Nod for gifting me this incredible grey blanket. It goes unbelievably well with the other 2 grey blankets I have layered on my bed. I’m now 0.06% of the way to 50 shades of grey.

6. Stefan Sagmeister gave an unbelievable Keynote Speech. You should watch his TED talk and check out The Happy Film once it’s released. We got a sneak peek and it’s gunna be gooooood.

7. I now have an insane girl crush on Darcy Miller (editorial director for Martha Stewart Mag). She was cute, sweet, brilliant, talented and humble and she gifted us a custom chocolate bar. If Darcy asked me to be her personal assistant for no money tomorrow I’d do it. I have also since decided that becoming a party stylist is in my 5-10 year goals. So, incredibly rad parties coming to a T&A chateau near you.

8. My, Patti and Laura’s quest to hit up every photobooth at the summit. There were probably 10.

9. Going to see Afternoon Delight at the Sundance Film Festival. I mean, when else in my life will I ever get to see a movie at Sundance again? Salt Lake, you were lovely but I can’t say you’re at the top of my travel list.

10. Collecting all the crazy creative business cards that everyone did up. Seriously – these are business cards like you’ve never seen before!