Bliss Balls - Healthy TreatsI DON’T KNOW what to expect over my trip at Alt but the one thing I feel like I can bet on is really effing delicious food. My guess is that our presence will be graced with macarons (UPDATE: you bet there was macaroons yesterday #nailed it) or some sort of gourmet doughnut (they’re the new cupcake you know). In light of my clean-eating challenge, the fact the I’m officially kind of scared of sugar (as mentioned here) and my commitment to continue to follow this lifestyle (within reason) I decided that while I’ll allow myself to indulge here and there (this is the within reason part) I also want to try to maintain the progress I have made. I’m feeling pretty awesome so why not?

To set myself up for success I’ve packed breakfast (oatmeal, almond butter and hoping to buy a few apples there… or snatch some from the hotel lobby – I’ve paid for them, right! Friends, anyone?). It only seems appropriate to keep the most important meal of the day right on target. My 5-6 meals thing will likely be a no-go so I wanted a back up snack for desperate times or when other options are slim. I decided to dig my hands into one of my favourite on the go snacks that will fill me up between keynotes and panels. Oh baby, it’s the Bliss Ball.

Warning: These little buggers are the kind of good for you snack that can quickly turn into a bad for you snack if over consumed. And believe you me they are hard to stay away from.

UPDATE: I only let myself pack a few of these treats because I learned on Tuesday that I can’t keep my hands off them and ultimately have no self control in their presence. I warned you.

Usually when I make Bliss Balls I follow this recipe but today I was feeling adventurous so I just started winging it and threw shit in.

Bliss Balls - Ingredients - Recipe

First I made more almond butter (I was already out. I know. It’s at a 911). I kept about a cup of it in my food processor and then added a package of dates. I’ve made bliss balls in the past by hand so it is totally possible but I was thankful to not have to dig my fingers into the sticky mess – though I kind of missed the hand workout. I blended the dates and AB ’til combined.

Next I threw in some sesame seeds, some coconut and some oats. A bit of cinnamon and a spoonful of Cocoa Powder (I was really vague with the measurements here). I was hoping I wouldn’t have to add any sugar (the dates are really sweet themselves) but I needed something sticky to help keep it all together so in went a 1/4 cup of pure maple syrup.


Sesame Seeds
Cocoa Powder

Once it was all mixed I rolled the dough into balls, then in a little more coconut and put them in their final resting place, the freezer. The freezer serves a few purposes here: 1. They are delicious kind of frozen. 2. It keeps them all together. 3. They are out of sight in this location and somewhat safe from mindless munching (somewhat…).

I’ve traveled with these guys on a road trip before and they held up quite nicely but I’ve never attempted to take them on a plane. I’ll have to report back with how they fair being out of the freezer for an extended period of time.

Until then – go get blissed out – they’re incredible.



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