Altsummit - SLC - 2013

ALT SUMMIT IS every bit incredible as it’s made out to be. I promise you I’m not lying and you should believe me because I spent the majority of the day hearing about how important authentic, raw and transparent content is. See – I’m already a changed woman. JK – I’ve always known this to be true but it’s refreshing to hear the masses adapt this mentality.

What I love most is how inspiring it is to be among a bazillion (seriously, there are so many people here) mostly female, amazingly talented people. People who are passionate about the same things I am. People who are design savvy, rooted in marketing, have a flair for style and an eye for an aesthetic. I am learning so much simply from just talking with everyone let alone the panels and speakers. Better yet I’m not being judged for instagramming every last detail in this place #winning.

Anyway, the fun is just beginning and I’m headed off to yet another party (this one is clue inspired and I’m going as Professor Plum!) but I wanted to share a daily recap while all the juicy nuggets are still fresh in my head. You can also expect an incredibly visual round up post later (as mentioned my phototaking scene is completely out of control).

Here’s a list of the speakers I heard from today, be sure to check out their blogs:

Mairah Danielsen | Oh What Love
Emily Frame | Small Fry
Jessika Hepburn | Oh My Handmade
Mina Brinkey | Bohemian Vintage
Tiffani Jones Brown | Content Strategist – Pinterest
Chris Anderson | Best Selling author of Makers, Editor of Wired Mag
Mackenzie Horan | Design Darling
Beth Giles | Salvage Life
Janette Crawford | Fashion Loves People


9 thoughts on “ALT SUMMIT RECAP – DAY ONE

    • Thanks Sam! Glad it was useful – it’s been an incredible experience. I imagine it is to me what the ambassador summit must be to you guys. So nice to be surrounded by people who are up to the same sort of thing as you!

  1. This is fabulous! I so wanted to be there this year, so this is so appreciated! I will live vicariously through you :) Sounds amazing so far, just as I suspected it would be!


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