random acts of kindness - i believe in strangers

IT WAS THE SWEETEST moment ever. The simplest little act of random kindness that warmed my heart. One of those moments that restores my faith in humanity and puts the bounce back in my step. They always seem to come right at the time we need them most, don’t they?

We need to do more of this. I need to do more of this. What if what we were all up to as human beings was bringing a smile to a stranger’s face? Then what would the world be like?

Have you seen www.ibelieveinstrangers.com? It’s a site devoted to capturing/collecting all the amazing things strangers are doing for each other. It’s like Post Secret meets world peace. I’m going to submit my little guy and see if I make it on the site. I’m also making a mental note to pay it forward.

Ever had a stranger do something nice for you? – I want to hear about it!



  1. Once in France, I was coming home from grocery shopping via bus. As I was exiting at my stop, the bus driver must not have seen me (sometimes being 4’11” is awesome… sometimes it’s not) and shut the doors, leaving me and my outstretched arms inside the bus and my grocery bags shut between the doors, flailing in the wind as the bus started up again. Mortified, I just held on for dear life until some kind stranger starting yelling, “Monsieur, attendez!” The bus driver promptly stopped and I exited, embarrassed but thankful.


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