almond butter - homemade - nut butters

IT’S TRUE! IT’S TRUE! My food processor came in today and I’m pretty much bouncing off the walls about it. I’m lucky that I have such an awesome bestie/roomie/coworker (none other than Tiff, obviously) whom I was able to convince to bring the Sous Chef home since I wasn’t at the office. I bribed her with an all expenses-paid-for cab ride and even surprised her with a sparkly clean apartment – see I’m not so bad (sidenote: HOW AM I STILL SINGLE?). I must say, the look on her face was pretty priceless when I opened the door to reveal a very unimpressed looking Tiffany with a box in her arms that was practically big enough to fit a mini fridge in. OOPS! Tiff gets a good kick out of my crazy antics though so the pure entertainment value pretty much pays for itself.

World – please join me in welcoming the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor into the T&A Chateau.


Obviously I wasted no time and set the thing up immediately. I already knew what my first concoction was going to be so there was no sense in dillydallying. I had vowed to not buy another jar of almond butter (remember, I’m addicted) until I was able to make my own. It’s been four days and I officially know what withdrawl feels like.

Raw Almonds

Almond Butter - Breville Sous Chef

Raw Almond Butter

Voila! I simply tossed the almonds in and let the (surprisingly quiet) Sous Chef process, process, process, for about 10 minutes. You have to be patient because it seems like it’s just going to be a flour forever and then all of a sudden BOOM. Butter. You’ll know when its done.

Now excuse me while I go empty out that jar…



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