TGIF TGIF TGIF. Here’s what rocked my world this week:

1. That. That you see right there is called a miracle. It’s my shadow. In January. In Vancouver. Where the sun refuses to shine from November-June. We’ve been having peculiarly sunny weather over here and I’m certainly not complaining. My body is all “oh hey there Vitamin D, I’ve missed you”.

2. Two words. Julienne Peeler. My new favourite kitchen gadget (that is until my new food processor arrives… which should happen by the end of the day). Check out my zucchini ‘un-pasta’ post to find out why I love it!

3. Still swimming. It’s become a sort of challenge and I’m obsessed with trying to master it. Right now my goal is to be able to do 100m Freestyle without stopping (I can do about 25m hahaha). Trying to get 2 swims a week in right now.

4. There’s nothing like getting a package – it’s like a present to yourself! This personal gift was my new black Madewell Zipcode Boots. Which will likely be an Alt Summit SLC wardrobe staple.

5. I officially completed two weeks on Tosca Reno’s Cooler Plan 1 and I’m pretty proud of myself for actually following through on this. I’ll post a little recap next week with a bit more details on what I was actually doing (it’s not really a cleanse…).

How was your week? Any awesome weekend plans? If you’re in Vancouver you should hit up the lululemon (Ware)House Party – it’s gonna be, well, a party!



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