organized kitchen - interior design


MY JAW LITERALLY dropped when I saw this kitchen. I immediately sent the link over to the two people who I knew would understand (mom and Tiff) before realizing this was too good to not share with the rest of you (then again Tiff and my mom may be the only people who actually read this blog…hello, are you there?). I’m equally looking forward to and dreading decorating my first home simply because I love interior design but am attracted to so many aesthetics I don’t know how I’d pick just one. But this one. This is the kitchen. (I wonder if choosing a husband will be this easy?). Organized – just enough quirk (how cool is the bench seating?) modern and classic, grey and white. It’s like this kitchen was built for me. Follow the source link through to see more photos and really get a sense of it’s awesomeness – the kitchen appears to be an L shaped layout which may not be the most practical but it’s just oh soo cool. Pain is beauty after all – right?


3 thoughts on “OH HELLO, DREAM KITCHEN


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