Almond Butter Addiction

YOU KNOW THAT old phrase – “too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing”? Well, that’s exactly where my relationship with raw almond butter is these days. And not because I’ve had so much that I’m sick of it (I almost wish this was the case) but because ever since I broke up with sugar, wheat and dairy (as per my January goals) almond butter has been filling a big void in my life. I’m eating it by the spoonful. THE SPOONFUL. And I can’t stop. And I keep telling myself it’s an “excellent source of protein” (which it is)  but at some point all that fat, albeit ‘good fat’ is going to catch up to me and it ain’t going to be pretty. I need to put an Allessia proof cap on my jar or something. I should invent a jar that works the opposite as James Bond’s gun in Skyfall – you program it so that only you can’t open it. I’m sure I’d cut back on the stuff out of pure embarrassment if I had to ask someone to open the jar every time I wanted to dig in (aka every two seconds). Help me make it stop!



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