1. I have got to be eligible for some sort of award for this. I put up a TV on Craigslist, sold it, had the new owner pick it up, went out and bought a brand new TV and set it up along with my Apple TV all under 6 hours. I’m kind of a big deal. PS. I love my Apple TV so special thanks to my brother and his GF for hooking me up with that, this Christmas.

2. Sunday morning: yoga > brunch > movie = bliss. Such a great way to spend a Sunday – the good company helped too!

3. I started my swimming lessons and realized I’m a stronger swimmer than I originally thought I was. In fact – I probably don’t need the lessons at all. This also means that Tiffany is a better coach that I thought she was (just kiddin’ I knew she was awesome). Anyway – the classes are pretty much self-guided so I’m just going to use the time to commit to an hour of swimming each week. Plus, the facilities at the YMCA are kinda awesome – I already almost got suckered into a membership that I don’t need… do I? HAHA.

4. I’m officially 10 days into my ‘Cooler Plan 1’ 2-week challenge. Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Preservative-free. AND I have not cheated once. Not even when we were out for drinks on Friday and I had a platter of meat and cheese under my nose. Nor when I was at a movie or out for brunch. This is a big effing deal. I always give-in. I don’t feel fatigued or hungry and I’m not feeling deprived or craving sugar at all. I did however reintroduce coffee into my life and man that was a godsend.

5. This work week has been extremely humbling. I’m officially in my new role and realizing that I know nothing. Lies. I know stuff. But I went from being an expert in a subject matter to learning a whole other side of the business. This little love note left for me from my new manager couldn’t have come at a better time. Steep learning curve, friends – but I’ll get there.

And obviously knowing this is in my near future is making every week leading up to it awesome. How was your week? Tell me!


2 thoughts on “HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY

    • Thanks Jessica! I’m feeling all sorts of official now because today I bought a “lap” suit and invested in a good pair of goggles :) Hopefully this new found obsession with swimming sticks around a little while!


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