holiday recap

I KNOW – whoa, right? I went a little overboard with High Five For Friday today but I assure you I have my reasons: 1. Because I missed last week due to Christmas craziness and there was so much awesomeness to not include it. 2. Because it’s the holidays aka the best time of year to break all the rules (do you know how much chocolate I ate?) so why not have 11 things rather than 5.

So in this very special edition you’re getting two weeks worth of highfive worthy stuff plus a mini recap of my trip home to Toronto last week. WOOT!


1. Did I mention I was home for the holidays? Certainly no greater feeling than being surrounded by family and friends at this time of year. It was also our first Christmas in my parents new place so that was kind of (weird but) awesome too.

2. I love giving presents so one of my major highlights would have to be watching my family open all their gifts!

3. Classic Imbrogno Christmas morning breakfast (but hold the whip and add eggs this year). Delicious.

4. Getting to see these two little munchkins (my cousins) they are growing up so fast!

5. Seeing the musical, Warhorse, downtown Toronto with the whole family – cousins and grandma included. The puppets are actually amazing – it’s wild.

6. Wedding and Bridesmaid dress shopping with Vee.

7. Quality cousin/nonna time – learning the tricks of the trade cooking Zeppole! (sidenote: looking back at my Instagram feed, I feel as though my Italian-ness was at an all time high over these 10 days).

8. Playing Italian cards with my nonno (see what I mean by the Italian-ness?). The best part is that contrary to grandfather code he never lets me win! But it keeps me coming back for more… grrr… *shakes fist*

9. A trip into Toronto and my old hood to have brunch with two of my really great friends! (Although Maddy was greatly missed!).

10/11. Counting down to the new year (and spending many other incredible, ridiculous slightly intoxicated nights) with these people – aka my high school friends, who yes, I am still friends with and love to death.

How were you holidays ya’ll?


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