My 2012 trend List

AS I WAS reminiscing on everything that happened over the last year I started thinking more and more about 2012 trends (hello, leather sleeves and spiky jewelry!). I kind of realized that even though there are the obvious trends that are set by peeps like cool hunters and fashion houses, I have a tendency to create these ‘personal sub-trends’ when I find myself particularly obsessed with something. Wether it’s a commitment to a style (preppy chic), a hair-do (bangs!) or even just a saying I catch myself repeating over and over – I had a lot of fun looking back at the year and picking out the things that I just could. not. get. enough of. Here’s a list of things that were trending in my life in 2012:


• Full fringe
• Truffled anything
• Thai green coconut curry
• My black maxi dress paired with a scarf
• Versus Training studio in Vancouver
• Nike Plus App, Bloglovin’ App, Starbucks App
• Americanos
• Running
• Coconut oil everything
• Gomae
• Black and Gold colour palettes
• Silk sleeveless tops
• Taylor Swift’s RED album
• The phrases “Bestlife” “That’s incredible” “So Rad”
• The Newsroom, Revenge and Parenthood

I must add that I spent a lot of 2012 swooning over a Vitamix and though I never actually got to use one this year, I have some christmas money that might put Vitamix at the top of next years list. What things were trending in your life in 2012?


2 thoughts on “MY 2012 TREND LIST

  1. My 2012 trends:
    Running races.
    lululemon kung fu pants and jacket
    Honey crisp apples.
    Cherry tomatoes. Like everyday:)
    James Patterson novels
    Oatmeal with cinnamon
    Teaching boxing
    Beaded jump ropes
    Hong Kong
    Rubber covered glass water bottles.


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