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I PROBABLY NEED this one tattooed on my body (don’t worry mom, I don’t actually have any plans to get a tattoo) but for realz, I could use the daily reminder. Comparison is the thief of joy. True. Nothing good comes out of “If only I were smarter/skinnier/prettier/funnier/insertvariousotheradjectiveshere”. I am a chronic compare-er and it is constantly my biggest battle in this world. A few months ago I did a really interesting development exercise and realized how prominent this had become in my life. The one thing that everyone I spoke with said, was that I had no idea how valuable my work is and I don’t give myself any credit for it. To me, everyone else is doing it better. And I don’t even know why I think that because I really actually quite like myself. Weird.

PS. This awesome blogger is responsible for the above artwork and even offers it for download in a whole bunch of colours!



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