Holiday Wrapping Paper - christmas

I SPENT THE BETTER half of Saturday exploring Main Street. I had heard that it was an area I would love but I just never got around to actually checking it out. Okay wait. That is a lie. I’ve been on Main twice before and was completely underwhelmed. So much so, I never bothered to give it a proper chance. Anyway, on Saturday I found myself on a hunt to find this jacket (which is proving to be impossible to get my hands on) which is what initially led me to Main. I made the most of my journey and took the time to properly explore what the street offered. That is when I stumbled upon Urban Source – which might be my new favourite place ever. It’s basically a store full of scraps (scrap paper, scrap gadgets, scrap everything) with a very interesting business model (you essential shop it like a bulk store). It was here that I uncovered all the fixing for my Holiday wrapping. Twine, brown craft paper, round cardboard punchcuts, red gingham ribbon and some postal tags. I felt like a little kid in a candy store pulling things off the shelves and trying to envision how I would incorporate all these random things into a beautiful package. Probably what I love most about it is that out of the context of the season there’s nothing that screams “holiday” about this wrapping – none of this stuff will go to waste and I’ll be able to use whatever I have left over for gift giving all year!

Do you swoon over a well wrapped parcel like I do?!



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