Marshmellow Tree

I FEEL LIKE I’ve been talking about Pinterest a lot lately – probably because I recently experienced serious FOMO when I logged back in after neglecting it for so long and uncovered all the pretty things people had been pinning without me. Now I’m playing this sort of Pinterest catch up game and I’m back to spending way too much time online. God bless the internet. Right?

Anyway – the holiday season is really the ultimate justification when it comes to pinning – holiday decorations, recipes, gift ideas… it’s like hitting the christmas mother lode.

As Tiff and I readied our apartment for the season, we got serious when it came to flexing our DIY muscles and maybe got a bit too carried away. To make a long story short – we had the brilliant idea to try to recreate the above image (we’ll call it a marshmallow mobile) over our little Christmas Tree Vignette. It was a nod to a “white Christmas” since there’s really no chance of that ever happening here in Raincouver. Four bags of marshmallows, 10 sticky fingers (Tiff really owned this one) and 4 meters of fishing line later – it hadn’t become a reality quite liked we’d hoped.

Then came the happy accident. In the midst of trying to make our vision come true a strand of marshmallow fell from the ‘sky’ and landed ever so beautifully onto our tree. It was way. too. effing. cute.

at home tree decorations | christmas

So now we have marshmallows on our tree – and I’m almost positive this will be a new tradition I carry on for years to come.



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