Different uses for Mason Jars

OKAY I REALIZE that owning and using mason jars for anything other than actually canning food doesn’t make me any more unique or trendy than the next guy. In fact, sometime (likely) around the conception of Pinterest, mason jars made a massive ‘cool’ come back and have essentially become as generic as a “keep calm” coffee mug. That said, I love ’em – and I use them for just about everything, so it would be just plain rude to not give my little guys some time in the LL spotlight.

It all started out as a drinking glass. Moving to Vancouver was possibly the most daunting task I’d ever taken on and it somehow turned out to be one of the easiest-smoothest-most seamless transitions I’ve ever made. Part of that was due to my partner in crime (aka Tiff) and the fact that, aside from actually physically taking up space in two separate bodies, we could probably convince anyone that we share a brain. Mason jars for drinking glasses was one (and there were many) of the decisions that we didn’t have to compromise on. It was just the right choice.

Since then, I’ve upped my collection to incorporate variety. I like them to, yes, bring my lunch to work and store things in the fridge, but they’ve also found themselves a permanent home on a shelf in my bathroom. They contain Q-tips, Coconut Oil (side note: I could go on here about all the reasons I love coconut oil but I’ll save that for another day), cotton pads and my makeup brushes. TIP: I glued the two lid pieces together for the jars in my bathroom so it was less of a pain to access its contents.

And of course, a little holiday pinteresting led me down a rabbit hole and unveiled this little DIY project. I was delighted to find out that basically any tea-light will float and was able to save some money on buying “floating candles”.

So there you have it; My ode to mason jars and how they have basically become apart of every room in my home.


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