holiday baking - christmas cookies - ginger

IT WAS ONLY a matter of time before I broke out the flour, sugar and butter. Tiff and I spent most of the weekend holidiz-ing our apartment (last weekend was just the beginning of it) and in the midst of 24/7 Christmas tunes and putting the final touches on our tree (a happy accident I’ll explain in another post), I got bit by the baking bug.

Making Christmas cookies was never really a tradition in my family – we’re a bunch of ‘sweet tooths’ with 0 willpower – though we’re smart enough to know that those variables equal a big fat disaster (literally). Now that I have a ‘day job’ I can bake my little heart out and have a foolproof exit strategy. It is ridiculous how fast you can make 2 dozen cookies disappear in my office. So, today I baked these Ginger Cookies – and they were damn good (like, I ate 3 cookies in 10 minutes good). See this is why I have to distribute them as quickly as possible, DANGER!).

Holiday Ginger Cookie Recipe

I actually ended up freezing a batch too and am hoping to bring some home for my family at the end of the month – that is if they last that long. I think my next baking adventure will be these!



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