Photos from my trip to Mexico

BASK IN THIS WITH ME; just a little longer please? Sure you can make me go into work today but you can’t make me abandon the photos or my tan or the sweet smell of sunscreen that’s lingering over my suitcase. I had the most epic time in Mexico – the perfect mix of relaxation and fun and I’m hanging onto the feeling for dear. freaking. life.

Consider this my mini highlight reel. I apologize if some of the hilarity that ensued on this trip just isn’t all that funny to you but Tiff and I have never laughed so hard (perhaps it’s ’cause we were totally blissed out drunk – jk).

The Gems of Mexico 2012

1. Talking American politics, love and everything in between with a 10 year old from Washington.
On politics:
Obama bad (fullstop).
Sorry kiddo I didn’t have it in my heart to challenge you here but I simply don’t agree.
On love:
Are you married? No. Why not? You’re pretty.
Is it really that simple?
On the iPad Mini:
Really they should call it the iPad Middle.
Somewhere between an iPad and an iTouch – Brilliant.

2. Daily boogie boarding.
Pretty much the most exerting activity we did all week – which is not that exerting since the waves do most of the work. Tiff excelled – I did not (but had fun trying anyway).

3. Day trip into downtown Puerto Vallarta.
We opted to take the bus (which set us back all of 70 cents) to get us into the city. Some highlights from the adventure include:
• When the bus pulled into a gas station to fill up while we were still on it. I suppose for $0.70 you’re also investing your time.
• The promotion at the flea market: Today only, buy something and get a free boyfriend. Man, I wish they had deals like that in Canada.
• One vendors selling line (in a completely empty market no less): Lots of selection, no lines!
• The 1 dollar Coronas we downed at a local bar. Best Ever.

4. Helping the freshly hatched baby sea turtles find their way from the beach to the ocean. Their cuteness was killer.

5. Getting swimming lessons from Tiff. She said my stroke was looking really good. I got weak in the knees.

As sad as I am to admit my vacay is over, this is really just the beginning of a crazy-fun-filled month. In the next 3 weeks I’ve got a shopping trip to Seattle, a Toronto friend coming to visit for the weekend and a company holiday* party to look forward to.

Okay vacation over. I’ll stop rubbing it in right…. now.

*how the eff is it holiday season?




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