FOR THE FIRST TIME in a year and a half (since starting my career) I’m unplugging. No emails. No work. Just total relaxation and sunshine.

It’s funny – we always talk about work/life balance and I truly feel like I have that. So when it occurred to me that this is actually the first time in a year and a half that I’m disconnecting from my job (and I mean like even including weekends and the bazillion other mini-vacays I’ve taken this year) I started to question how that could be. For me – it came down to two simple things:

1. Do what you love, love what you do. Work only feels like work if you hate it – and I don’t hate anything about what I do. It just feels natural and fun to do it whenever.

2. Work life balance isn’t 9-5. For me it’s living in work and working in life.When you need to be on, you’re on – and then you create the space to put the email down even if it’s at 1 O’clock on a Tuesday.

That said – I’m officially taking a true, completely unplugged beach vacation. And if this post is any indication – it could not be coming at a better time.

See yah soon. I’ve gone looking for sun.



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