HERE’S TO ANOTHER Friday and another week of awesome. I’m not gonna lie I’ve got a November planned that you all should be jealous of (details to follow in another post) which makes me think celebrating only 5 things over the next four weeks is gonna be tough (a good problem to have though).

1. A good solid Friday night stay-in with good food and good friends. I really couldn’t ask for more. Shout-outs to Paula and Leah who have become nearly-permanent fixtures in our household. Vancouver feels even more like home with these two gems in my life.

2. These delicious “Rolo Knock-Offs” via Oh She Glows. Such a good ‘healthy’ treat (though it didn’t stop me from getting into the Halloween candy…)

3. Despite the fact that I hate Halloween, I did get up to some shenanigans. I was a desperate housewife – (spent the night whipping out a ring from my purse and begging for proposals). I got 3.

4. This gem of a necklace I scored at H&M – I love it!

5. Volunteering at an awesome night full of good art and good company, all for a good cause. It was really great to be a part of SubmiT2012 and you should all check it out next year!

Honorable mention this week goes out to Red Cups! It’s my favourite time of year because it’s officially Red Cups seasons at Starbucks. Bring on the Holidays.


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