IS IT JUST ME or is time passing at lightning speed with no signs of slowing down? Christmas is in 2 months! How insane is that? I also have a pretty wicked November planned so I can only assume that things are going to continue to fly! Anyway – here are some of the highlights from this past week – Happy friday ya’ll.

1. Treating Miss. Tiffany to a movie date with my super cool Scene points. Of course a highlight of this was also finally getting to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower – which was every bit awesome btw.

2. A rainy Sunday filled with ideas and innovation at TEDxVancouver.

3. My Saturday night play date with this little cutie. She didn’t cry once so I think she had fun.

4. Beating the sun to the day. This was the view after my morning workout. I win.

5. Baking these Vanilla Chai Cupcakes and having the willpower to just eat one. Hey, I’m proud of me!

Honorable mentions for the week go out to a sushi lunch-date of powerful conversations with my friend/coworker, Sairah. And finding out that my dear OCAD University friend, Bev, is coming to Vancouver for a visit (re: November is going to be awesome).

What made your week wicked?!



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