BACK AT IT and coming ‘atchya with a little High 5 For Friday lovin’.

1. Oh yah – I got bangs. And ever since, I’ve had “She Bangs, She Bangs” by Ricky Martin stuck in my head. A side from that I’m pretty into them – except that I do sometimes still shock myself when I catch my reflection, so you could say I’m having a small identity crisis. It’s okay “this too shall pass”.

2. Getting all dolled up for Toast To The Coast – an awesome fundraising night of food and wine with the Vancouver Aquarium as the backdrop. Tiff (and a few other lovelies  from work) had a hand in making the night happen so it wasn’t something I was going to miss. On that note: you should drink Niche Wine. I may know the ‘winemaker’s wife’ and she’s pretty rad. Just Sayin’.

3. I took my nerdy little self to my first ever Wordcamp! Learned lots and lots about WordPress and even a thing or two about life …like the fact that no body has solved for the age-old vending machine design flaw. Damn you potato chips stuck in the dispenser. Damn you.

4. I know I have already gone on and on and on about this GC but it was good and I’m not over it just yet.

5. Scoring the J Crew vest I had my eye on for 25% off. Now if only I could score the same deal on the Little French Hen Scarf (no longer available online) that I really, really, really want. Oh and this bag while I’m at it.

Honorary Mention goes out to completing two 6AM workout this week – but I didn’t have a picture to go with, ’cause, let’s be serious “sweat” and “6AM” don’t make for a great photo.

Happy Weekend Ya’ll!



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