Grilled Cheese Sandwich

YOU KNOW WHAT? Sometimes life is hard. And sometimes when life is hard you eat your feelings even though you know you shouldn’t. Whatever.

It was a cold and rainy Saturday here in raincouver. I greeted the day (not so) bright and early by slothing my way out to Burnaby (not glamorous) to attend Wordcamp YVR (hey! this blog doesn’t just run itself). I had prepared myself for a Saturday of geeking it out indoors but hadn’t counted on getting caught in the rain (and no, not in the romantic way that Rupert Holmes sang about).

I was wet and cold and slightly grumpy due to the fact that I was wet and cold and all I wanted was a GRILLED. CHEESE. SANDWHICH.

And sure a simple grilled cheese would have sufficed but Tiff found this blog the other day (aka our new favourite pastime) and we’d been dying to try one of her concoctions.

ENTER “The Bee Sting Remix” as seen in: my dinner Saturday night and the photos above. #Perfection.

ps. you can thank me later for the cheesy-wonderfulness that I just opened your world up to.



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