Me and My Grandpa

I LOVE MY GRANDPA I really do. He is an 84 year old (this November) Italian immigrant who built something out of nothing, still goes to work every single day and is more full of life than most people my age I know. Put simply he is an inspiration.

The best part about my grandpa (or nonno as I actually call him) is that the older us grandkids get the better we’re able to understand, respect and joke with him (though sometimes we’re just laughing at him but I don’t think he minds). It has become a bit of a tradition that at family gathering we play games. No man is left behind No man is allowed out of this family endeavor. It’s a sure-fire way to get us all riled up, laughing and having a good time, often resulting in some epic family inside joke that we’ll reenact years and years to come.

Here is a gem of a gem that I managed to capture this past weekend while I was at home for Thanksgiving and playing Catchphrase with the whole fam. It’s kind of long but you need to watch it through to the end to get the joke! Enjoy!

(ps. clearly I had a brainfart and I filmed this portrait on my iPhone – I assure you I have some-what decent video skills that are not exemplified in this footage).



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