Paper Products by Olive Box

I’VE BEEN FOLLOWING  a few of these mail-to-your-house-themed-packages for awhile now but so far have been keeping my distance (which my bank account is happy about). To my knowledge the concept was made popular by the cosmetic industry with such endeavours like Loose Button and Glymm but has since extended itself to a variety of consumer markets.

Recently I discovered Olive Box. Which, I must say, has been the most tempting one of them all as I’m a sucker for paper products. “Olive scours the market and picks the best of the best creative paper products to include in your monthly delivery.” Posters, prints, cards and postcards – paper can be so beautifully designed and provide me with oodles of inspiration – I can justify it as an investment in my creativity right?

On top of this I don’t hate getting mail (it’s like a surprise present to yourself every month!)  and I love love love sending it.  Getting mail + receiving amazing paper products + sending amazing paper products back out to friends/family = a happy me. I’m going to keep my distance a little longer but this could be a really great Christmas present (that just keeps giving) AHEM. Just saying.



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