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I OFTEN JOKE that if I could bottle up Vancouver air I would. It’s crisp, it’s clean, it’s slightly salty – it’s perfect and I think I could make a killing off it. It has become a sort of ritual for me that whenever I arrive back in town after being away I step out of the airport and do the biggest inhale I could possibly muster just to try to soak it all in. I love Vancouver air so to be completely honest I was not surprised when I discovered The Scent of Departure and Air of Prague capitalizing on the emotional attachment people feel to cities… in fact, I was kicking myself for not doing it first. Brilliant.

Sure it seems absurd to pay a pretty penny for the world’s most economical necessity but the crazy thing is that people will. Good packaging + good marketing = profitable air. Bravo! In my expert* opinion at least.

Would you buy one of these products to remember your favourite city by?

*I am no expert.



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