Food Carts | Vancouver

IT WAS A STUNNER today in Vancouver. It kind of felt like the city was giving us one last summer-ish hurrah before we flip our calendars to October tomorrow (btw wtf?). Tiff, Katie and I hit up the Food Cart Fest at the Waldorf Hotel. It was the last one of the season which seemed rather fitting. Tacos, fresh juice, butter chicken, it was amazing (although we were sad to miss out on the Grilled Cheese truck which was supposed to be there). I have to say though my favourite “food cart” was the Earnest Ice Cream Cart. I’d been dying to try it forever. I had my eye on the Pumpkin Pie flavour (is that really a surprise to anyone?) but by the time we were ready for dessert they had sold out of it (so sad).  Don’t worry, The Hair of the Pig (chocolate bourbon bacon brownie) satisfied me just fine. More than fine. God I wish I had gotten a second scoop. Anyway, check out some of the pics below – I’m trying to use my camera a little more these days. Peace out!



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