1. Honey Crisp apples are back in season – and they’re basically the size of a small melon. Get into it. (Sidenote: I am extremely passionate about Honey Crisp Apples – just ask me if you feel like you need to know more).

2. Fall is in the air and on the ground so as far as I am concerned we’re in the best season ever. Crisp air, crunchy ground, boots, sweaters and scarves.  I love fall – like I really really like it. Like really like it.

3. Saturday morning brunch with this guy and that baby – trying to soak ’em up before they disappear for 3 months!

4. Rocking the “emmy” colour like a boss.

5. Two epic meals (one pictured above) two nights in a row with two epic people. ‘Nuff said. Oh and there was wine.

HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS – enjoy the fall air!


3 thoughts on “HIGH 5 FOR FRIDAY

    • Ah! I’m sure in 2 months you’ll be wishing you were still having 90 degree weather! Fall is short-lived here in Vancouver and then I’m in for 5 months of grey skies and rain! ick.


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