TGIF! AM I RIGHT? Here’s five things that made my week awesome for the first installment of High 5 For Friday – inspired by Lauren of From My Grey Desk!

1. Does it count as a 14-hour workday when you leave the office at 2:30 to get down-dog on your mat followed by one (too many) cold brews with your entire department? Have I mentioned I love my job?

2. When I stuck my hand in the side pocket of the backpack Tiff took to Wanderlust to retrieve what I hoped would be her keys and instead had an unpleasant encounter with a very, very rotten banana. Okay this wasn’t awesome but getting to laugh about the fact that she’d been toting around a month old ‘nanner was well worth the kamikaze. #brightside

3. Finally, FINALLY! not letting myself go another single day without starting this blog – and then being okay with it not being perfect out of the gate.

4. Dragging my bum out to a fitness bootcamp class at a studio I’ve been dying to go to (and loving it!) – with a little reinforcement from a friend, that is.

5. Graduating to a ‘big girl’ credit card. Goodbye movie points, hello traveling the world!


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