IT IS ACTUALLY quite laughable how long it has taken me to start this blog, given, of course, that I’m technically a blogger by profession (re: the coolest job ever). The problem was that despite how passionate and engaged I was in the blogging world – the last thing I wanted to do was come home after eight hours of blogging at work, and blog.

In avoiding keeping my own site updated, something really great happened: I spent less and less time behind a screen (#winning) and more and more time discovering the amazing, brand-new city I was living in. The bad thing was that by not contributing on behalf of myself, I got to a place where I felt like I had lost my voice, my creativity and my outlet. And as it turns out I really do love writing (and all that comes with blogging territory). I realized that if I wanted to keep developing myself in this world – well this was the place I was going to have to do it.

The thought of revamping my semi-neglected other blog was holding me back from starting this venture all together. So, instead, I’m starting fresh. A clean slate if you will. Over-time I’ll be porting things over and figuring out what my strategy is behind both entities – I’m confident that one day they will be fully integrated. Until then – please just bare with me!

Anyhow, it seemed fitting to (re)introduce myself to the world wide web with a mini questionnaire. Here’s the answers to eight questions you didn’t ask:




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